A week in the life of James of Sense Electrical

It was a busy week for me at Sense Electrical.

Last Saturday I installed conduits in a concrete slab before they poured the concrete so that the lower level of the house has no surface wiring, i.e. it will be hidden.

One of the regular things that I do each week is teach at GETS - a training institute for Electrician and construction works (see www.gets.com.au). I really like this work because it enables me to pass on my skills, knowledge and passion for the industry to the next generation of Electricians. This week on Monday I taught a white card course which is the mandatory course for all construction site workers. On Tuesday I taught wiring methods to the apprentice electricians. On Wednesday I completed a site assessment for a 4th year electrician as part of his license process. On Thursday I taught DC circuits which is basic electrical theory.

On Tuesday I changed 11 light fittings for new ones in Weston. The client wanted to refresh the house in order to prepare it for sale. Simple changes like this can help to increase the value of your home, as well as increasing energy efficiency by upgrading light fittings to newer ones.

On Wednesday I inspected a house to check to see if there was any infinity cable present. Infinity cable is a brand of cable that has been recalled by the ACCC across Australia because it is likely to fail and cause electric shocks or fires in the next two years. For more information about this recall visit: https://www.accc.gov.au/update/infinity-electrical-cable-recall

On Wednesday I also changed three light fittings and a light switch. I fixed the problem where having too many items on in the kitchen caused the circuit breaker to trip. The reason it was tripping was because another electrician who upgraded the switchboard had the light and power circuit breakers back to front. I recognised the problem straight away and resolved it quickly. This action reduced the risk of a fire starting in the house. The client was very happy with my work as they are now able to use all of their appliances in their kitchen at once.

Today I removed a chandelier from above a staircase for transport to a new home and replaced it with another light fitting.

These are just some examples of the work I do on a weekly basis. Please contact me if you have any electrical or data needs or problems, I'd be happy to help.

Have a great weekend!


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