Staff profile: Patrick the Electrician

We asked Patrick, one of our friendly electricians, some questions about his career and work at Sense Electrical:

How long have you been an Electrician?

I started my work experience at the end of 2006 as I finished up Year 10. I started my apprenticeship at the start of 2007 which gives me almost bang on ten years in the trade now. I joined Sense Electrical last year.

What type of work do you have experience in?

My whole career has been based in domestic work, with a lot of that being in higher end builds, refurbishments and additions of older cottages and houses ranging from new houses for diplomats in O'Malley to restoring the original Duntroon cottages. I also did a few years working with back to the grid solar when it first became largely available in Canberra, being part of some of the first domestic 50kw systems installed in the area, as well as building one of the first three phase inverter setups in town.

What is you favourite part of being an Electrician?

One of the things I love most about the job is being presented with a new and different problem to solve every day. No electrical issue whether it be an electrical fault or how to hang a pendant light in a tricky spot is ever exactly the same. It's great to always be looking for new ways to complete a job and achieve the best possible result for the Client.

What is the most dangerous electrical issue that you have come across?

Thankfully I've never come across a major electrical issue. Although thanks to observation and safe procedures i was taught during my apprenticeship I know I have definitely been able to avoid a few potentially dangerous situations caused by other trades and clients themselves.

What three words would you use to describe Sense Electrical?

Reliable, creative and responsible.

What do you like about working with Sense Electrical?

While I've only been part of the team for a short time, there is already a pretty long list of reasons that make this a great outfit to be working for. The focus on organisation and time management is fantastic, as is the dedication to learning and building on new skills to increase the quality services we can offer to our client base. There's also a large focus on safety and responsible handling and disposal of materials which makes work far more stress free.

What is the most common client issue that you come across in your work?

In my role which focuses largely on maintenance, often I come across failed equipment, everything from power points and switches to circuit breakers, that have failed due to no other real reason other than just being cheaply built and of poor quality. We use quality brand name materials to ensure all our work has as long service life.

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given in your work?

I was always taught that no matter how long you had been doing something, you never stop learning. I was taught by an electrician who had 30+ years experience and he was always looking to discover and learn new ways of doing things. being taught with that mentality has always helped me think efficiently "in the box" but has also taught me that looking "outside the box". There are always new and different ways to accomplish tasks in the trade to get the best possible result and increase skills across all areas of the trade.

Do you have any general advice for clients in regards to electrical issues?

While all sorts of DIY projects at home can be fun and fulfilling, trying your hands at a licensed trade such as electrical or plumbing can have huge consequences. Voiding insurance and causing injury or even death to loved ones are all very likely risks that a lot of home handymen fail to understand. While it may just seem like a exaggerated cautionary tale, issues that could very easily cause death and injury as a result of home electrical work are issues we come across every other week, and it can be a real danger to all concerned, including us!

Contact us today to see how Patrick can help you with your electrical and data needs.

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