Staff profile: Matt the Electrican

We asked Matt, one of our friendly electricians, some questions about his career and work at Sense Electrical:

How long have you been an Electrician?

I have been a fully qualified electrician since March 2009.

What type of work do you have experience in?

After my four-year apprenticeship, I spent a year in England working on a London Underground Train Depot. When I returned to Australia I continued working at the company I did my apprenticeship with. We mainly did commercial sized work, whether it was shopping centres, theatres, office blocks or oval lights. I then ran a small business for 3 years doing domestic electrical work before joining Sense Electrical last year.

What is your favourite part of being an Electrician?

I love problem solving, delivering a high standard of work, and the continual learning the job provides. But the best thing I get from my job is client satisfaction, if our clients are happy, when I go home I am happy!

What is the most dangerous electrical issue that you have come across?

A big problem over the last few years has been incorrectly installed halogen down lights. I have taken down a fair few that were very close to catching on fire.

What three words would you use to describe Sense Electrical?




What do you like about working with Sense Electrical?

We do a wide range of work, and no job is too complicated or small. The Directors are very reliable, if they say that we will attend a site at a certain time, we will be there, ready to work.

What is the most common client issue that you come across in your work?

A big problem is where someone else (licensed or not) has had a go at fixing an issue and messed it up. Sometimes these issues can sit without being rectified for some time, which can add to the complexity and possibly the danger of the work.

Do you have any general advice for clients in regards to electrical issues?

If there is an issue with your electrical system and the problem can’t be fixed by unplugging something, and you need to reach for your tool box, it would be a better idea to reach for your phone because you need an electrician.

Contact us today to discuss how Matt can help you with your electrical and data projects.

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